Slip and Fall Lawyer NY

The New York Post reported in November 2019 that acclaimed cellist Jessica Elkhatib received an $11 million award in her personal injury lawsuit against a Scarsdale market and the company tasked [...]

Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyer

Loose rugs, wet floors, debris, uncleared sidewalks - These conditions and more can cause a retail customer to slip, trip, or fall and seriously injure themselves. While you may not consider your [...]

Supermarket Slip and Fall Lawyer

We all spend time in the supermarket. Running in to buy one or two items or spending an hour wandering the aisles, checking off things on a long list, are experiences to which we can all relate.

Irene Gabo on the Morning Show at Davidzon Radio – February 17, 2020

What is the easiest way to get my police report, officer didn’t leave any report information, like a number? a. Call your precinct and press 1 for report number b. Give the officer when and where [...]

Irene Gabo on the Morning Show at Davidzon Radio – February 3, 2020

I had an accident, where another car ran a stop sign and hit my car but police refused to do a police report. How do I proceed now, can I have a case if I am hurt and in pain? You should do your [...]