Bicyclists Beware of Riding on Ocean Parkway’s Islands

Ocean Parkway’s islands serve as one of the main bike paths for bicyclists in Brooklyn. The path spans about 7 miles long, from Ocean Parkway to Shore Road. Ocean Parkway islands are a popular [...]

Pedestrian Accidents on Emmons Avenue

Emmons Avenue is part of the popular Sheepshead Bay where locals go to eat, chill, and take in the beautiful views. But Emmons Avenue is also home to a plethora of pedestrian accidents. There [...]

Slip and Fall Accidents in Stop and Shop

Everyone has spent their time at a supermarket grabbing a few items or running errands for the family. Safety isn’t a concern of ours when we are at a supermarket, but it should be with the many [...]

Apartment Building Stairwells Can Be Dangerous to Tenants and Their Guests

Accidents on stairwells happen daily. Specifically, in apartment buildings the chances of tripping, slipping, and falling on a stairwell are high. These types of accidents can cause severe [...]

Coney Island Avenue is a Danger to Bicyclists

Coney Island Avenue serves as a main road to the Brooklyn community and spans roughly 5 miles, connecting Coney Island Boardwalk and Prospect Park. Coney Island Avenue is also one of the most [...]

Taking Wrong Medication Filled by a Pharmacy can Lead to Serious Injuries

Reliance on Medical Professionals As individuals who rely on the medical field for our health, we trust medical professionals to provide us with accurate medicines and dosage instructions. [...]

Brooklyn Construction Accidents

When working at a construction site, there are numerous laws and regulations that employers must follow. If laws are not adequately followed, workers are more prone to get hurt, resulting in [...]

Injuries from Car Accidents on the Cross Island Parkway Cause Serious Injuries or Death

The Cross Island Parkway is recognized as a busy stretch of New York State highway, running along the perimeter of the borough of Queens into Long Island. Due to its busy nature, the Cross Island [...]

Madison Square Garden Accidents Personal Injury Lawyer

New York City is home to one of the most famous concert and sports venues in the world – Madison Square Garden. Hundreds of artists, sports superstars, and entertainers have performed and [...]

The Potential for Injury on the West Side Highway

The West Side Highway is widely viewed as a busy stretch of New York City roadway filled with plenty of connections to the Battery Tunnel, Hudson River crossings, and the Lincoln and Holland [...]

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