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Supermarket Slip and Fall Lawyer

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Supermarket Negligence Results in Slip and Fall Accidents

We all spend time in the supermarket. Running in to buy one or two items or spending an hour wandering the aisles, checking off things on a long list, are experiences to which we can all relate.

Do you ever think about safety when you are grocery shopping? Probably not.

But, perhaps you should. Accidents occur in supermarkets quite often and can result in some severe injuries. Slip and fall accidents, in particular, are quite common and often the result of negligence.

Supermarkets in Brooklyn Owe Customers a Duty of Care

Property owners and tenants owe customers a duty of care to maintain safe premises. The duty of reasonable care extends to others as well, such as supermarket managers, employees, and employers.

When negligence in supermarkets leads to injuries, the result is usually a personal injury or premises liability lawsuit. Victims of slip and fall accidents in supermarkets in Brooklyn and elsewhere can receive substantial damages under certain circumstances.

Victims of Slip and Fall Accidents Filed Personal Injury Lawsuits Against ShopRite Supermarkets

One such lawsuit settled in 2019. In that personal injury case against ShopRite, a customer sued for negligence after slipping on grapes while shopping in the produce section. The man alleged that when he slipped on the fruit, although he didn’t fall, he immediately aggravated an existing neck injury, requiring at least two surgeries to repair.

Another lawsuit against ShopRite settled in 2019. In that personal injury case, a woman sued ShopRite after slipping on chicken grease.

She allegedly fell against or into the self-service rotisserie chicken warmer, aggravating a pre-existing condition in her back, herniating a disc, and requiring surgery. She also tore a ligament in her knee and hurt her shoulder.

ShopRite Agreed to Pay Over $1 Million to Victims of Slip and Fall Accidents in Their Stores

Both of these slip and fall lawsuits against ShopRite settled for significant amounts; the plaintiffs were awarded well over 1 million dollars for their injuries. In these lawsuits, the plaintiffs’ lawyers argued that the supermarkets failed to take reasonable steps to maintain the safety of the floors for customers. Also, one lawyer argued that the supermarket failed to accurately monitor the cleanliness of the floors so spills could be handled swiftly and adequately.

If You Slip, Trip or Fall in a Supermarket in Brooklyn, Call Our Personal Injury Lawyer

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