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Irene Gabo on the Morning Show at Davidzon Radio – February 17, 2020

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  1. What is the easiest way to get my police report, officer didn’t leave any report information, like a number?
    1. Call your precinct and press 1 for report number
    2. Give the officer when and where the accident happened and your name
    3. Get number of the report from the officer
    4. Using that number obtain the police report for free in any precinct in New York City
    5. Or order online at DMV website, for $15
  2. I live in Trump Towers by the Aquarium and fell there around parking lot. Can I sue a building I live in?

    Being a tenant does not prevent you for suing a landlord for negligence, so if landlord did not repair the parking lot timely, and had notice of the defect before your fall, you may have a valid claim. However, keep in mind that the lot may be maintained and repaired by another party

  3. I tripped and fell over a loose board on the boardwalk and broke by toe, but I was running. Can I still have a case?

    If the City or its agency, Department of Parks knew about the defect in sufficient time, but did nothing about it, you may have a case, though you may be held somewhat responsible for the fall under the comparative negligence. Photos of the defect should be taken and a FOIL response sent to the Department of Parks.

  4. I was hit by a car in the rain, he ran away and police came later. How do I find him now to sue him?

    It may be difficult if you or witnesses didn’t take a plate number and if there are no cameras in the area. You may have to go through your household auto policy and if there is no policy in the household you may have to go against Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification Corporation. That report must be made within 24 hours.

  5. I have a letter to appear for a “court ordered deposition” and I never did it before, can you tell me more about the process and what to expect?

    Expect to testify about how the accident happened, what the injuries are and treatment. Make sure the attorney prepares you well and you do “mock deposition” with your attorney to prepare it.

  6. My child was hurt in one of the charter schools and I sent a notice to the City, and they sent me a denial back, can you tell me why? It’s a public school

    Many charter schools have private insurance and check if the City of New York denial letter lists that third party, so you can contact the charter school directly.