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Taking Wrong Medication Filled by a Pharmacy can Lead to Serious Injuries

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Reliance on Medical Professionals

As individuals who rely on the medical field for our health, we trust medical professionals to provide us with accurate medicines and dosage instructions. However, medication errors make up nearly 25% of all medical malpractice cases. The most common malpractice cases consist of errors such as prescribing the wrong medication and wrong dosage.

Wrong Medication

One instance in which this medical error occurs is when individuals are given the wrong medications. Incorrect medications can be given to patients due to an oversight or someone mislabeling a drug. In both cases, the practitioner is at fault and can be held liable for any consequences. If this happens, an individual can file a suit for several reasons. If a patient has an allergic or other adverse reaction to the drug, the medical professional is held responsible. The patient should be warned of any side effects they could experience. If the practitioner fails to do so, the patient can file a case against them. Additionally, if a patient is taking multiple prescriptions simultaneously, the medical professional must examine how these drugs interact in the body. They must decide whether it is safe to administer these drugs simultaneously and let the patient know. An error in any of these instances regarding medication is illegal. If this happens, a patient requires a personal injury attorney specializing in medical institutions’ medication mistakes.

Wrong Dosage Or Incorrect Dosage

One other instance includes lawsuits filed due to a patient receiving wrong or incorrect dosage. A licensed medical practitioner is responsible for ensuring that their patients receive the correct dosage for their medical situation. If a patient takes an incorrect dosage, it can result in many cosequences. Incorrect dosage can affect an individual’s underlying health issues. The wrong dosage can cause blood-thinning, an overdose, or other life threatning medical conditions. If you or a loved one have experienced adverse effects due to incorrect dosage prescribed by a medical professional, a personal injury lawyer can assist you in receiving compensation. Irene H. Gabo Esq., a personal injury attorney at law specializing in medical malpractice cases, can provide you with the ideal legal help.

Mistake Made By a Pharmacy

The responsibility of making sure that patients pick up the correct drug in the proper dosage lies in the Pharmacist’s hands. While a doctor may prescribe the appropriate medication, a pharmacy may distribute the wrong prescription. Each year, in the United States alone, 7,000 to 9,000 people die due to a medication error. Irene H. Gabo Esq. specializes in cases involving medication errors and can assist you if you have received incorrect medication from a pharmacy. Free consultations at 800-560-0214.