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Staten Island Man Paralyzed in Crash

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Staten Island Man Sues NYPD After Officer Hits Him with His Car

Staten Island Live ( reported that Ricky Caputo filed a lawsuit against the New York Police Department and Police Officer Michael Fahmy. The lawsuit alleges that Fahmy ignored a stop sign and made an illegal left turn on August 10, 2018, causing a crash that left Caputo paralyzed. If the court determines that Fahmy caused the accident, he, the police department, and the city may be liable to Caputo and ordered to pay significant damages.

The Facts of The Case

The complaint states that Caputo was driving a 2013 Yamaha motorcycle on the night that he was hit. Fahmy, was in a 2017 Nissan, allegedly an unmarked police vehicle. Initial reports on the accident indicated that Fahmy made a right (legal) turn at the stop sign. According to the article on, however, “after a probe by the NYPD’s Collision Investigation Squad, including interviews of Fahmy and four witnesses, a revised accident report said the officer had actually turned left.” The complaint continues with allegations that Fahmy “failed to obey a stop sign” and “made a left turn from a street when there was a ‘No Left Turn’ sign posted,” crossing the path of oncoming traffic” causing the crash that injured Caputo.

Caputo also asserts in the complaint that the NYPD did not follow proper protocol after the accident because it involved a fellow police officer. Caputo’s complaint alleges that the officers purposefully sought false information from witnesses and did not give Fahmy a citation for running the stop sign.

Motorcycle Injuries Are Often Devastating

A motorcycle is no match for a car when an accident occurs. Motorcycle riders simply do not have the protection that the passenger or driver in a vehicle has. Caputo, an experienced motorcycle driver, allegedly obeying the rules of the road suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. He is completely paralyzed from the waist down. Paralysis, brain damage, loss of motor function, and memory are, unfortunately, typical injuries that motorcyclists suffer when they get hit by cars.

Caputo’s lawyer stated, “Mr. Caputo’s life has been forever altered because this police officer blatantly disregarded the very same traffic laws that police officers are supposed to enforce.” Police officers have a duty, as all drivers do, to exercise safety and precautions on the road. Certainly, they should not endanger other drivers. If Caputo can prove that Fahmy did violate the law and that violation caused the accident and injuries, he may receive a substantial award for damages.

The night of the accident, Caputo was according to his attorney, on his way to work and making plans to propose to his girlfriend. He was talking about starting a family. In addition to money for his medical expenses, therapies, drugs, and other costs associated with his injuries, he may also collect lost income and emotional distressed caused by his loss of enjoyment of life.

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