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Sheepshead Bay Construction Safety

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Construction Workers in Sheepshead Bay Worry About Their Safety

Construction workers, like most workers, worry about earning a living. They worry about keeping their jobs during difficult economic times. They express concern about losing their jobs to robots and Artificial Intelligence. When questioned, however, the greatest worry expressed by construction workers, is about their safety. Proponents of AI believe that it can reduce dangers on worksites. However, the rise of Artificial Intelligence is creating more safety concerns for construction workers than job security concerns.

A March 2019 article posted on, the website of Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE), reported the results of a construction worker poll. That poll revealed that almost half of construction workers them worry that “safety could be put at risk on job sites when AI and automation becomes the norm.” Only 31% were anxious about losing their jobs entirely.

Construction Workers Have Concerns About Artificial Intelligence (AI) Affecting Their Work

The survey results showed that AI creates the following issues for construction workers:

  • 46% of workers polled are primarily concerned with increased risks to their safety
  • 31% expressed being anxious about job security
  • 26% were worried about the “loss of sociability” at work
  • 17% were concerned about not knowing who to blame when things go wrong on a worksite

Some Construction Workers Feel AI can Help

Autonomy and AI can boost productivity, increase the speed of construction tasks. Interestingly, the survey results showed somewhat of a division by age group with Workers aged 25-44 more “likely to think autonomous machinery could be a benefit in areas such as productivity, speed, safety, quality, and fuel efficiency.” Those over age 44 were far less likely to agree.

58% of the construction workers polled felt confident that using AI would not result in better performance of construction work. But, Volvo CE believes it would make that work safer, which would be ideal.

Volvo Group Automation Specialist Christian Grante stated,

“Our research into this area has shown that autonomous systems really can improve safety and productivity for our customers. And with more machines working in collaboration with humans, rather than being controlled by them, this will only increase further.”

Construction Accidents Injure Thousands of Workers Annually

Thousands of construction workers are injured annually. The statistics are alarming. In New York City alone, we have had several fatal construction accidents in 2019. There are hundreds of active construction projects in Sheepshead Bay and other parts of Brooklyn. If AI and automation can relieve some of the dangers associated with construction work, wouldn’t that be a welcome relief? Or will these innovations cause more problems than they solve?

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