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Prospect Expressway – Multiple Car Accidents

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Brooklyn’s Prospect Expressway Sees Its Fair Share of Accidents: Who is Responsible?

We all read the headlines and hear the news about the multiple accidents that occur daily on our local Brooklyn roads. “Accident on the Prospect Expressway,” “Crash on the Belt Parkway,” “Pile-Up on the Cross Bronx,” or “Vehicle Overturns on the BQE.”

Some of these accidents result in fatalities—others, in injuries to drivers, passengers, and even bystanders. Crashes in Brooklyn involve cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, pedestrians, bicyclists, and scooter riders. The damages and injuries caused by accidents amount to millions of dollars in property damage and personal injuries.

Lawsuits and insurance claims can be complicated. They are even more so when there is a multivehicle accident.

But who is liable when many vehicles are involved in a single crash? How can you find out? Can you pursue legal remedies against more than one party?

When An Accident Occurs in Brooklyn, Liability Must Be Assessed

Every case is different, but the truth is this: to recover for your injuries, someone must be liable (in whole or part) for the injuries you sustained. As attorneys representing the injured.

Multivehicle Accident on Prospect Expressway Injures Ten

A few weeks ago, there was an accident on the Prospect Expressway in Brooklyn involving seven vehicles, including an MTA bus.

NBC News reported that on February 26, 2021, following a minor accident, a Mercedes-Benz and Ford SUV pulled over to the side of the road near the 4th Avenue exit on the Prospect Expressway in Windsor Terrace.

While the drivers were exchanging information, as is customary after an accident, another vehicle smashed into the back of the Mercedes. This triggered a chain reaction that resulted in four more vehicles becoming involved in the crash, including an MTA bus carrying passengers.

Ten people were injured in the crash, according to NBC. One person had to be cut from a car, and two others were pinned against a guardrail. At least five of them suffered serious or life-threatening injuries. The remaining victims were in stable condition. Other news outlets reported that there were eleven injuries, not ten.

The driver of the third car, the one that smashed into the Mercedes pulled to the side of the road, was taken into custody at the scene and it is reported that “charges are pending.”

This tragic accident presents a good opportunity to examine some of the complex issues of liability that might arise after a multivehicle accident on the Prospect Expressway or other road in Brooklyn.

Who Might Be Liable for Damages in a Multi-Car Pileup?

More than one party might be responsible for a car crash. When multiple vehicles are involved, it is crucial to look at the conduct of all parties involved.

There are various people and entities that might hold some legal liability for the accident.

Let’s take the little bit we know about the accident on the Prospect Expressway – what might some questions be that can help determine who is legally responsible for the injuries and property damage?

  • Was the driver who crashed into the vehicles on the side of the road speeding, under the influence of alcohol, or distracted?
  • Were any of the drivers involved in the chain reaction negligent? (for example, texting, using their cell phone, speeding, eating, or drinking)
  • Did his car have defective parts like brakes or tires?
  • Were the vehicles that “pulled over” in a dangerous spot? Should they have put out warnings to other drivers to be careful?
  • Were any of the drivers in the crash operating with a suspended or revoked license?
  • Was there something in the road that caused or contributed to the crash? Was there nearby construction on the Prospect Expressway that might have caused the crash?
  • If passengers on the bus were hurt, is there something the MTA did to contribute to the accident? Did the bus driver receive adequate training? Was the bus in good condition for driving?

There are many variations of what could have happened in this accident, and some of the scenarios could indicate that more than one party was negligent.

Can you imagine thinking about all of this while you are recovering from injuries? Luckily, you don’t have to if you contact our experienced Brooklyn car accident lawyers.

What Might Happen After a Multivehicle Accident On The Prospect Expressway?

After a multi-car pileup like the one on the Prospect Expressway, several things might happen.
People who were injured might call lawyers for help filing insurance claims. Others might go directly to insurance carriers seeking money to pay for their damages and expenses. The smart ones will contact experienced lawyers to get advice before deciding how to proceed.

Whether you want to file a lawsuit or stick to negotiating an insurance payout, speaking with our lawyers at the Law Office of Irene H. Gabo, P.C., can go a long way toward ensuring you receive a fair amount. Insurance companies are notorious for trying to pressure claimants into accepting low-ball settlements. We want to ensure you collect what you deserve.

Also, keep in mind that there are deadlines to file claims and lawsuits. We can’t know how much time you have left until we know more about your accident. For example, if someone in the Prospect Expressway crash wants to pursue damages from the MTA, they have a very short time to file a notice of claim.

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