Brooklyn Construction Accidents

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When working at a construction site, there are numerous laws and regulations that employers must follow. If laws are not adequately followed, workers are more prone to get hurt, resulting in forced leave and decreased wages. Workers employed at a construction site are protected under Labor Law 240, also known as the scaffolding law, which protects against working at dangerous heights without proper safety equipment. Since 2012, worksite construction accidents have increased by 200% in NYC despite there being regulations and laws.

However, many workers are not aware of the protections they have in Brooklyn, where construction accidents are widespread. For instance, while it is called the scaffolding law, it protects all workers in hazardous industrial fields such as plumbers, electricians, mechanics, etc. When an accident happens, it is essential to know your protections and how you can be compensated. Attorney Irene H. Gabo Esq. is an expert at handling personal injury cases and will provide the best assistance for your legal case.

Labor Law 240

Labor Law 240 protects workers in two main ways. One being their safety when working at a certain height. Workers are required to have proper protection when they are more than 6 feet above the ground. This protection can be in any form, such as a ladder, pulley, rope, etc. If a ladder or other object placed on the ground is being used, it must be in a flat and stable area.

Secondly, if a worker is elevated at 20 feet or higher, the construction site must provide a safety railing to ensure the worker’s safety. Safety railings prevent falls from high places like scaffolding and roofs. Lastly, Labor Law 240 states that it is the employer’s full responsibility to ensure that these safety measures are followed at their worksite.

Accidents Involving a Ladder

Accidents involving a ladder or ladder fall are a common occurrence at a construction worksite for various reasons. If a ladder is improperly assembled, it can lead to a construction accident if it breaks. Additionally, the worksite must ensure that the ladder is placed on a flat, clean, and stable surface when in use. This is to ensure that the ladder does not tip or fall. Improperly placed or assembled ladders are illegal as outlined by Labor Law 240. For this reason, workers who get hurt due to unacceptable working conditions like the one described above can file a suit against their employer. If you or a loved one has sustained an injury at a construction site, a Brooklyn Construction Accidents Attorney can help. Call (800)-560-0214 to speak to an attorney and determine how you can receive assistance with your legal matter.

Accidents Involving a Fall From a Hazardous Height

Construction sites in big cities like New York often place construction workers at dangerous heights to build tall buildings. When a worker is suspended more than 20 feet above the ground, the worksite must take specific precautions described in Labor Law 240. These include providing the worker with a railing attached to a stable object at least 34 inches above the worker’s platform. The handrail must also be made of a proper material that will not break or bend and hold the worker’s weight. Within four years, 3,045 construction workers were injured in New York City construction accidents. If you or a loved one have been injured at a construction site due to an unfollowed safety precaution, Brooklyn Construction Accidents Attorney Irene H. Gabo can assist you in receiving compensation for your loss.