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Bicyclists Beware of Riding on Ocean Parkway’s Islands

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Ocean Parkway’s islands serve as one of the main bike paths for bicyclists in Brooklyn. The path spans about 7 miles long, from Ocean Parkway to Shore Road. Ocean Parkway islands are a popular bike path to bicyclists as it has been used for years. It is known to be a historic bike path leading bicyclists to the famous Coney Island. Ocean Parkway Islands are not the safest for bicyclists, as there are many bumps and hazardous road conditions on the bike path that still have not been fixed. With the bad road conditions, bicyclists also have to beware of the bad traffic conditions that result in accidents as drivers do not pay attention to bicyclists on the bike path. The bike path that was built in 1894 has become damaged in many ways, and bicyclists are sick of the broken conditions on these Ocean Parkway Islands. If you are a bicyclist that has experienced an accident on Ocean Parkways Islands, you should contact a personal injury attorney specializing in accidents on said islands. Irene H. Gabo, an experienced personal injury attorney who handled many cases involving accidents on Ocean Parkways islands, and can help you with any of your bicyclist accidents at 800-560-0214.


What Are the Dangers of Ocean Parkways Islands?

Locals have complained of the broken bike path on Ocean Parkways Islands for years. The bike path has many dangers that bicyclists must be aware of on Ocean Parkways islands. Some of these dangers include broken pavements, bumpy roads, and drivers not being aware when turning around these paths. The need for repairs has only gotten worse, and the New York City Parks Department says that these Ocean Parkway Islands will not be fixed until 2022. These damages being fixed have been long overdue, and the number of Ocean Parkway island accidents has only increased. The parks department is said to have a project in place to fix these dangerous conditions, but nothing has been done to the Ocean Parkway Islands to date. Bicyclists have to continue to beware of the dangerous potholes, broken pavements, and horrible conditions, on the Ocean Parkway bike path. If you have endured an Ocean Parkway island accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Call a specialist in her field, contact Irene H. Gabo, at 800-560-0214, for a free consultation regarding your Ocean Parkway island accidents.


Who Is Liable for These Accidents?

The Parks Department of New York City is responsible for all repairs on Ocean Parkway Islands, including the historic Ocean Parkway bike path. In fact, many locals have complained and have taken photos of the defects for years, however, many dangerous conditions are not fixed timely, resulting in tripping hazards, motor vehicle accidents involving bicyclists, and many other Ocean Parkway accidents. Unfortunately, despite the many complaints of locals to the Parks Department, and many promised plans, you can see the broken pavements, the deep potholes along the entire stretch of the Ocean Parkway bike path, and the dangerous conditions to date. The Ocean Parkway islands are a hazard to locals, and a search of cases against the City of New York shows that many more accidents occur on the historic Ocean Parkway bike path due to these hazardous conditions. If you have had an accident on Ocean Parkway islands, you should retain a personal injury attorney that will help you file your claim under NYC municipal liability laws. Irene H. Gabo, Esq is an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorney who can help you. For a consultation, please call 800-560-0214.


How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help?

A personal injury attorney is knowledgeable in all areas of premise liability laws in New York and can help you with your Ocean Parkway island accidents. When you experience an accident on an Ocean Parkway island, you need to realize that your time to file an action is limited as the City of New York requires written notice of your accident within 90 days of it, and you should not have to worry about trying to figure out who is liable and trying to file a claim by yourself. Consult an attorney that has experience with premise liability cases, including those against the City of New York, so you can warn others of the many dangers of Ocean Parkway islands. Reach out to a personal injury attorney and help get these hazardous conditions of Ocean Parkway islands fixed by the New York City Parks Department. Contact the Law Office of Irene H. Gabo, P.C., for a free consultation on your Ocean Parkway island accidents at 800-560-0214.


For further information on your Ocean Parkway island accidents, please contact the Law Office of Irene H. Gabo at 800-560-0214, to obtain a free consultation and help with any of your personal injury needs.