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Another Dog Bite on an Airplane

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Emotional Support Dogs Are Causing Dog Bite Injuries on Flights

Emotional support animals are commonplace today. We see them nearly everywhere, from supermarkets to restaurants. Recently, support dogs have been causing a commotion and are making flying a little more dangerous for passengers.

In an article posted on, Lauren Bowmen reported that during the week of July 21, an emotional support dog bit an American Airlines flight attendant. The bite occurred during a flight from Dallas, TX to Greensboro, NC. The flight attendant received treatment in Dallas, requiring several stitches to close the wound.

As the Association of Flight Attendants stated after the incident, what happened “is completely unacceptable and inexcusable.” However, there has been a recent string of animal attacks against individuals on airplanes which have resulted in severe injuries. Some of the victims have filed lawsuits against the dog owners and/or the airlines.

Dog Attacks on Airplanes Result in Lawsuits

Earlier in 2019, a passenger sued Delta after being attacked multiple times by a support dog during a flight. That passenger allegedly needed nearly 30 stitches as a result of the attacks. A lawsuit was also filed when a five-year-old girl was reportedly mauled by a support animal in the Portland, OR airport.

Flight attendants have reported that there are thousands of incidents involving animals causing injuries and fear on flights. Some airlines have instilled strict limits on having emotional support dogs on long trips.

Who Will Be Liable for the Injuries Caused by Dog Bites?

Liability for injuries will depend on who owes a duty of care to the passengers and employees on a plane. What is that duty? Did someone breach the duty? Consider some of the following questions and issues that might arise in a dog bite case such as the ones mentioned above:

  • Did the dog owner know or have reason to know the animal might be violent?
  • Did the dog act aggressively before the incident on the airplane?
  • Did the employer of the flight attendant put him in danger by allowing a dangerous animal on the plane?
  • Did the victim provoke the animal?
  • Was the emotional support dog adequately trained and certified?
  • Did the animal ever bite someone?

In any case involving a dog-bite, if someone was negligent and did not act in accordance with the appropriate standard of care, the victim may be entitled to receive compensation. The victim may get monetary damages that cover medical expenses, lost wages, emotional trauma and pain, and suffering.

Contact our Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyers if You’ve Suffered a Dog Bite

As airlines crackdown on traveling with animals, there may be fewer attacks on airplanes and in airports. However, it is essential to know that if a dog attacks you anywhere, you have legal rights.

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