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Yelena Goldman recommends Law Office of Irene H. Gabo.


We got in touch with Attorney at Law Irene H Gabo with a business issue. Our Insurance company refused to pay for a claim, and we would have had to pay a huge compensation amount to a client. This was very dangerous for our small young business. We decided to go to Irene H Gabo, because she speaks our language and works in our location. She was very attentive and without empty promises informed us of all the prospective outcomes, including possible dark sides. At the same time she was optimistic and very supportive! We got in touch with her with any questions at any time. She updated us during every step and discussed all the details with us in our prefered way: by phone, personally or by email. Because of her professionalism, being sure in her knowledge and “can do” personality, we got very positive results for our case! It’s fully her merit!

P.S. Her price was very reasonable.