Slip-and-Fall Accidents on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Slip-and-fall accidents on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade can lead to severe injuries. We must prove negligence, causation, and injury to collect damages for your injuries. The City can be held liable for accidents occurring on the Promenade. The process starts with filing a notice of claim with the City of New York. You must act quickly to protect your rights if you have been injured.


Accidents in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Prospect Park, and Elsewhere

Suppose you have been injured in a slip-and-fall accident on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Prospect Park, or other areas. In that case, it is important to act quickly. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses.

Are you seeking compensation for a slip-and-fall accident on public property? An experienced personal injury attorney at the Law Office of Irene H Gabo can help you understand your rights and options.


What is a Slip & Fall Accident?

A slip-and-fall accident occurs when someone slips or trips due to an unexpected hazard causing them to suffer an injury. This type of accident can occur anywhere from inside a home or business premises to public parks or sidewalks. The Brooklyn Heights Promenade is no exception; many have been injured in trips and falls.


Slip-and-fall Accident – Brooklyn Heights Promenade

The City of New York must keep public places such as the Brooklyn Heights Promenade reasonably safe. If hazardous conditions exist on the Promenade, construction workers create a dangerous situation, or a worker fails to maintain areas in a safe condition. Those acts can cause injury, and the City may be liable for damages due to its negligence in maintaining a secure environment.


Examples of Injuries Caused by Trip & Fall Accidents on the Promenade

Brooklyn trip & fall accidents can lead to injuries ranging from minor bruises and cuts to more severe head trauma or broken bones.

Some examples of injuries include:

  • sprains (wrist/ankle/knee),
  • strains (back/neck),
  • abrasions (scrapes),
  • contusions (bruises),
  • fractures (arm/leg),
  • herniated discs,
  • concussion-like symptoms such as dizziness,
  • headache and nausea caused by traumatic brain injury (TBI),
  • lacerations,
  • car accidents (for example, a car accident where a pedestrian is struck by a park vehicle),
  • puncture wounds,
  • paralysis,
  • death.


Causation & Liability for Slip & Fall Accidents on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade

To successfully recover damages from a slip-and-fall accident on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, you must prove that the City was negligent in maintaining a safe environment. Additionally, you must show their negligence caused your injury. Generally, this is accomplished by showing that the City had actual or constructive notice of the hazardous condition and failed to address it.


The Plaintiff Must Prove Negligence, Causation, and Injury

In trip & fall cases involving public property like the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, victims must prove that someone else’s negligence caused their injuries. They must show another party was responsible for creating unsafe conditions, which led directly to their accident.

This requirement includes demonstrating that any hazardous condition existed long enough for it reasonably should have been discovered and rectified before causing harm. The claim may also, for example, involve a construction worker or other workers providing a service where that worker causes the accident to our client.

Plaintiffs must prove that any physical damage sustained in Brooklyn (or elsewhere in NY) was directly linked with said hazardous conditions, ultimately resulting in injuries.


Liability on the City for Slip-and-Falls on the Promenade

Property owners are liable under the law for injuries on their property caused by their negligence. This liability applies even when those injured were hurt because the City failed to provide adequate service to maintain the Brooklyn Promenade safely for pedestrians.

The City has certain obligations under New York law to maintain its public spaces, including ensuring they are free from dangerous conditions that could cause harm. If these requirements are not met, they may be liable if someone sustains an injury while using these areas. There are specific laws governing claims against municipalities, so anyone considering legal action must understand all applicable regulations before proceeding with any lawsuit against them.


Speak with a Trip-and-fall Lawyer Quickly to Protect Your Rights

It is important to act quickly, as there are specific time limits for filing slip-and-fall claims against municipalities. If your injury was caused by a hazardous condition on any public property, including the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, contact our experienced premises liability lawyers as soon as possible. Discussing your case as quickly as possible would be best to determine whether you have a valid claim.


The New York City Department of Transportation is Responsible for the Maintenance

The New York City Department of Transportation is responsible for maintaining and repairing city-owned sidewalks. They must provide adequate fall protection, safe sidewalks, railings, and a clean walk to provide a safe condition for those using the Promenade.

The City can be held liable by accident victims – the property owner – accountable for the dangerous condition created by city workers and their failure to maintain the Promenade in the manner you deserve.


Duty To File Notice of Claim Against the City

In New York State, those seeking damages due to slip-and-falls on public property like Brooklyn Heights Promenade must file a notice of claim with the City (the property owner). If they wish to pursue compensation through legal channels, this must be done within ninety days of the incident.

Such documents must be filled out accurately containing relevant details pertaining case. For example, they need to specify the date and time of the incident, the location, a description of the damages, etc.

You must pay close attention to deadlines associated with filing a notice of claim. Failure to do so may mean forfeiting your rights to any potential legal action. It is best to immediately contact the experienced NYC liability lawyers at Gabo Law Firm if you have been injured on Brooklyn Heights Promenade. You need the necessary steps to be taken promptly. Our trip-and-fall attorneys are here for you.

Remember, failing to do so will result in the court system dismissing the case outright without further consideration. Crucial deadlines associated filing process must be met to ensure the best possible outcome.


Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Action In NYC

Victims who fail to file a timely notice of claim against the City risk having their case dismissed. The period allotted for bringing suit is one year and ninety days since the day occurred. After the expiration window closes, the person affected cannot collect damages suffered – regardless of the circumstance.


Need To Prove Injury & Damages

Plaintiffs bear the burden of proving both actual injuries, which are reasonably foreseeable due to the other party’s negligence. The evidence must demonstrate a direct correlation between the two factors and support the requested amount.


Keep Track of Medical Bills and Other Expenses

Items considered in calculating damages include:

  • medical bills and costs;
  • ongoing treatments;
  • pain and suffering;
  • lost wages;
  • loss of future income due to the inability to work;
  • future medical expenses;
  • repairs to damaged property; and
  • any other damages we can prove on your behalf.


Many Cases Settle, but a Jury Trial Can Be Sought

Our legal team will work hard to get the best result for you or the injury a loved one suffers. With most of our clients, we can resolve this via settlement. However, we are not afraid to litigate your case and seek compensation based on your legal rights.

We must look at all tactics and approaches. Of course, whether we settle or go to trial is ultimately the client’s decision. We work with you to reach the outcome you deserve.


Be Sure to Seek Medical Attention After a Trip-and-Fall Accident

It is essential to seek medical attention for any injury sustained due to a trip-and-fall accident on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Whether it is yourself or a loved one, take care of your health first; we will help you seek compensation later. The well-being of our clients and their families is the highest priority.

Be sure to keep all records related to your treatment, including:

  • medical records pertaining to your injuries,
  • paperwork from your insurance company,
  • documentation about injuries sustained,
  • receipts for medical expenses,
  • and other costs incurred after you fell.

Whether you suffered an injury on the Promenade, Coney Island, another area of Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Nassau County, or Suffolk County, we are ready to fight for you.


Questions and Topics to Discuss with Our Brooklyn Personal Injury Attorneys

Suppose you have suffered a slip-and-fall injury on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. In that case, contacting an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible is vital. We need to move quickly to investigate your case. When speaking to our experienced attorneys at Gabo Law Firm, we need to learn details about the accident to determine the strength of your claim.

Some of these topics include:

  • The details of the incident, including where you were and what caused your injury
  • Any medical bills and treatments that you have incurred or are planning on incurring
  • Any information regarding witnesses to the incident or any evidence collected at the scene
  • What potential damages are you seeking in your case
  • Whether or not any insurance companies are involved and
  • The specific details of your slip-and-fall injury

By discussing these topics with our experienced Brooklyn personal injury attorneys, we will be able to provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your case and determine how best to proceed with the filing of your claim.


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