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Injured in a NYCTA Bus Accident? Get the Compensation You Deserve

Have you or a loved one been injured in an NYCTA bus accident? Understanding the severity and common causes of these injuries is essential to seeking the compensation you deserve. With the help of legal representation, you can navigate the complex legal process and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

A parked yellow bus in a lot. Image may relate to injuries in NYCTA bus accidents.

Common Causes of Injuries in NYCTA Bus Accidents

If you have been involved in an NYCTA bus accident, you may have experienced personal injury as a result. Understanding the common causes of bus accident injuries can help you to assess liability and seek the appropriate compensation for your injuries.

Reckless Driving

One of the most common causes of bus accident injuries is reckless driving. This can include behaviors like speeding, running red lights, failing to yield to other vehicles, and unsafe lane changes. If the driver of the bus was engaging in any of these behaviors, they may be found at fault for the accident and liable for your injuries.

Driver Fatigue

Bus drivers are required by law to take rest breaks and limit their hours on the road. However, some drivers ignore these regulations, leading to driver fatigue and a higher risk of accidents. If the driver of the bus was fatigued at the time of the accident, they may be found at fault for the accident and liable for your injuries.

Mechanical Failures

NYCTA buses require regular maintenance to function properly. If a mechanical failure like faulty brakes or a defective steering system caused the accident, then the NYCTA or the bus manufacturer may be found at fault for the accident and liable for your injuries.

Poor Road Conditions

Poor road conditions such as potholes, inadequate lighting, and unsafe intersections can also contribute to bus accidents. If the accident was caused by poor road conditions that should have been addressed, the city or state may be found at fault for the accident and liable for your injuries.

If you have been injured in an NYCTA bus accident, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. Documenting your injuries and the circumstances of the accident can help you build a strong case for compensation. Contacting our personal injury attorneys can also help you navigate the legal process and ensure that you rights are protected.

Types of Injuries in NYCTA Bus Accidents

NYCTA bus accidents can result in a range of injuries, both physical and emotional. Understanding the types of injuries that can occur is essential for victims seeking compensation for their damages.

Physical Injuries

Physical injuries are the most common types of injuries sustained in NYCTA bus accidents. These can include:

  • Whiplash
  • Fractures
  • Head injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Cuts and abrasions
  • Bruising

Depending on the severity of the accident, physical injuries can range from minor to life-threatening. Victims may require medical treatment, surgery, physical therapy, and ongoing care. In some cases, victims may have to adjust to a new way of life due to their injuries.

Emotional Trauma

Emotional trauma is another type of injury that victims may experience after an NYCTA bus accident. The shock and aftermath of a traumatic event can lead to anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other emotional and mental health issues.

It is essential for victims to seek medical attention following a bus accident, even if they don’t feel immed\iate physical pain. Some injuries may not be apparent right after the accident, but may manifest a few days or weeks later.

Assessing the Severity of Bus Accident Injuries

When it comes to personal injury in bus accidents, assessing the severity of injuries is crucial in pursuing compensation for your damages. Seeking medical attention immediately after a bus accident is vital to determine the extent of your injuries.

Your doctor will evaluate your injuries, including any potential long-term effects, to determine the amount of compensation you may be entitled to. It is essential to follow through with all medical treatments and document all your injuries and diagnoses to strengthen your claim for compensation.

The severity of injuries can impact the compensation you may be entitled to. This factor is determined by a combination of the type and extent of injuries, the costs associated with medical treatment and therapy, and the degree of emotional trauma experienced.

If you suffer from severe injuries, such as spinal cord injuries, amputations or traumatic brain injuries, you may require significantly more medical attention and treatment in the long-term. Therefore, you may be entitled to a higher compensation package to ensure that all your damages are covered.

If you have experienced personal injury in bus accidents, seeking medical help, and documenting your diagnosis and treatment is crucial to obtain fair compensation for your injuries.

Seeking Medical Treatment for Bus Accident Injuries

Seeking medical treatment should be your top priority if you have been injured in an NYCTA bus accident. Even if you do not feel any pain or discomfort immediately following the accident, injuries can manifest later on. It is important to document all injuries and follow the prescribed treatment plan to ensure a speedy recovery.

Following a bus accident, you may require medical attention from a variety of healthcare professionals, such as primary care physicians, physical therapists, and psychologists. It is important to seek treatment from professionals who have experience treating bus accident injuries.

Medical records play a crucial role in establishing the extent of your injuries for compensation purposes. Be sure to keep all medical records and bills related to your treatment, as they will be necessary when pursuing compensation for your injuries.

What to Do

  • Seek medical attention immediately following the accident
  • Follow the prescribed treatment plan from your healthcare professional.
  • Keep all medical records and bills related to your treatment.

What Not to Do

  • Ignore any pain or discomfort following the accident, as injuries may manifest later on.
  • Fail to follow the prescribed treatment plan from your healthcare professional.
  • Discard any medical records or bills related to your treatment.

Understanding Your Legal Rights after a Bus Accident

Understanding your legal rights after experiencing an NYCTA bus accident is very important. You have the right to pursue compensation for your injuries, and seeking legal representation can help you navigate the complex legal system.

Consulting with our attorney with experiences in bus accident cases can help you understand your legal options and assess the strength of your claim. A knowledgeable lawyer helps you negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf and advocate for your right to fair compensation.

It is important to note that NYCTA bus accident claims can be complex, and having legal representation can significantly increase your chances of success. Our bus accident lawyers can help you gather evidence, assess liability, and handle all legal aspects of your case.

By seeking legal representation, you can focus on your recovery while our lawyer handles the legal details. You can have peace of mind knowing that your rights are being protected and that you have a dedicated advocate on your side.

At Law Office of Irene H. Gabo, P.C., we specialize in NYCTA bus accident claims and understand the intricacies of these cases. Contact us today at (800) 560-0214 to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys and learn more about your legal options.

The Importance of Preserving Evidence in Bus Accident Cases

It is important to preserve as much evidence as possible to support your claim  following an NYCTA bus accident,. Pieces of evidence are crucial to establishing liability and maximizing compensation for your injuries. Here’s what you need to know about preserving evidence in bus accident cases.

Photographs and Videos

The most important forms of evidence in a bus accident case are photographs and videos of the accident scene. If possible, take pictures and videos of the damage to the bus and any other vehicles involved, as well as the location of the accident, including any traffic signs, signals, or road hazards that may have contributed to the crash.

You should also take photographs and videos of your injuries, including any visible cuts, bruises, or swelling. These documents can help to establish the extent of your injuries and the impact they have had on your life.

Witness Statements

Getting the names and contact information of any witnesses to the accident is also important. Witness statements can provide valuable insight into what happened during the accident and who may have been at fault. If possible, record the statements of witnesses using a smartphone or other recording device.

Surveillance Footage

Finally, if the accident occurred in an area with surveillance cameras, it’s important to obtain any footage of the accident. This can include footage from traffic cameras, security cameras, and even cameras that may have been installed on the bus itself.

Statute of Limitations for Bus Accident Injury Claims

In pursuing a bus accident injury claim, it is crucial to understand the statute of limitations that applies to your case. A statute of limitations is a legal timeframe within which a claim must be filed, failing which the victim may lose their right to seek compensation.

In New York, when dealing with injuries incurred on NYCTA-operated buses and subways, it’s paramount to be aware of the Notice of Claim requirement. This legal stipulation is a crucial preliminary step for those intending to pursue legal action against government bodies such as the NYCTA. It mandates the injured party to formally inform the concerned government entity about their claim within a specific timeframe.

This Notice of Claim should comprehensively outline the incident’s details, including how the injury occurred and its severity. It acts as an initial step in the legal process, setting the stage for potential litigation. Notably, this notice must be submitted within 90 days from the incident’s date, making adherence to this timeline crucial for maintaining the right to sue.

The implications of missing this 90-day window are significant. It typically results in the forfeiture of the right to file a lawsuit against the NYCTA or other city-related entities.

After filing a Notice of Claim, you now have three years from the date of the accident to file your bus accident claim. This means that you must file a claim for compensation within three years of the date of the accident, failing which you may lose your right to seek monetary damages for your injuries.

Given these stringent requirements, those affected are strongly encouraged to seek legal counsel promptly to ensure compliance with this critical deadline.

At Law Office of Irene H. Gabo, P.C., we have extensive experience in handling NYCTA bus accident claims, and we offer free consultations to help you understand your legal options. Contact us today at (800) 560-0214 to learn more.

How insurance companies handle bus accident claims

After a bus accident, you may need to file a claim with the insurance company to seek compensation for your injuries. Insurance companies play a critical role in the claims process, but their interests often conflict with yours. It’s essential to have legal representation on your side to protect your rights and negotiate fair compensation.

Insurance companies have teams of adjusters, investigators, and attorneys who will review your claim and determine the amount of compensation they are willing to offer. They will scrutinize every aspect of your case to minimize their financial responsibility and protect their bottom line.

They may also try to settle quickly and for less than what you deserve, often before you even know the full extent of your injuries. They may use tactics such as delaying their response to your claim, denying liability, or offering a lowball settlement to try to pressure you into settling.

Why legal representation is crucial

Having a skilled bus accident lawyer on your side can help level the playing field against the insurance company. Our lawyers can help you navigate the claims process and work to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. They can also gather evidence, secure witness statements, and consult with experts to build a strong case for compensation.

Legal representation is particularly important when the insurance company denies liability or offers a low settlement. An attorney can help you appeal a denial and fight for the compensation you deserve, whether through negotiations or litigation.

Finding the Right Bus Accident Lawyer for Your Case

After a bus accident, finding the right legal representation is crucial to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. You want a lawyer who is experienced in handling NYCTA bus accident claims and who will fight for your rights and best interests. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right bus accident lawyer for your case:

  • Expertise: Look for a lawyer who has a proven track record of success in handling NYCTA bus accident claims by reading reviews and testimonials, and ask for references.
  • Communication: A lawyer must be responsive, easy to reach, and who communicates clearly and concisely with you throughout the legal process. You want to be kept up-to-date on the progress of your case and have your questions and concerns addressed promptly.
  • Resources: Find a law firm with the resources to handle your case effectively. This includes having a strong support staff, access to expert witnesses, and the financial resources to take on insurance companies and corporations.
  • Compassion: You want a lawyer who understands the emotional toll that a bus accident can take on you and your family. Choose a lawyer who will provide compassionate, personalized attention and who will be sensitive to your needs and concerns.

At Law Office of Irene H. Gabo, P.C., we understand the complexities involved in bus accident injury claims. Our experienced NYCTA bus accident lawyers have the expertise, resources, and compassion to fight for your rights and maximize your compensation. Contact us today at (800) 560-0214 for a free consultation.


What are the most common causes of injuries in NYCTA bus accidents?

The most common causes of injuries in NYCTA bus accidents include reckless driving, driver fatigue, mechanical failures, and poor road conditions.

How do I assess the severity of my bus accident injuries?

It is crucial to seek medical attention immediately following a bus accident to assess the severity of your injuries. A healthcare professional will be able to provide an accurate evaluation.

What should I do if I’ve been injured in an NYCTA bus accident?

If you’ve been injured in an NYCTA bus accident, it is essential to seek medical treatment and document all injuries. It is also crucial to consult with a qualified attorney who specializes in bus accident cases to understand your legal rights and pursue compensation.

How can I preserve evidence in my bus accident case?

Preserving evidence is crucial in bus accident cases. Take photographs of the accident scene, collect witness statements, and gather any available surveillance footage. This evidence can strengthen your case and increase your chances of obtaining fair compensation.

What is the statute of limitations for bus accident injury claims?

The statute of limitations determines the timeframe within which you must file a bus accident injury claim. It is crucial to do so within the specified timeframe to preserve your right to seek compensation. Consult with an attorney to understand the specific deadlines applicable to your case.

How do insurance companies handle bus accident injury claims?

Insurance companies play a significant role in bus accident injury claims. They handle claims, negotiate settlements, and protect their own interests. It is advisable to have legal representation to ensure fair treatment and maximize your compensation.

How can I pursue compensation for my bus accident injuries?

Pursuing compensation for bus accident injuries involves filing a claim, negotiating with insurance companies, and potentially pursuing a lawsuit. An experienced bus accident lawyer can guide you through this process, advocate for your rights, and help you maximize your compensation.