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New York Protects its Construction Workers

Working on a construction site, whether in Brooklyn or any other part of New York City, is a dangerous job. People risk their lives every day to build, repair, and maintain our city’s roadways, homes, buildings, utility, and transportation systems. There are hundreds of thousands of individuals working in the construction industry in the New York City metropolitan area. Many of them will suffer an on-the-job injury at some point in their career.

When there is an injury on a construction site, what can the victim do? Getting medical attention is, of course, paramount. After that, the worry sets in. How long will it take to recover? When, if ever, can I return to work? Will I be able to support my family?

Thankfully, workers’ compensation provides construction workers with financial resources to pay for medical costs associated with their work-related injuries. Workers’ compensation also provides a percentage of income to help the employee who must miss work for some time. Workers’ compensation rarely provides enough to cover the actual value of expenses and losses after a construction accident, especially one that causes severe, permanent injuries.

New York has several laws that victims of construction acts might be able to utilize for collecting additional monetary damages. These labor laws offer the possibility of filing civil lawsuits against non-employer parties (employers under certain circumstances) who could bear responsibility for the accident.

At the Law Office of Irene H. Gabo, our Brooklyn construction lawyers can help you understand your options to collect monetary damages. We have a deep understanding of the Laws that protect construction workers and can determine which one is right for you.

New York Labor Law 200 Protects Construction Site Workers and Visitors

This labor law requires owners and contractors to make all workplaces they control, reasonably safe for workers. It states, “The law requires all worksite to be “constructed, equipped, arranged, operated, and conducted as to provide reasonable and adequate protection to the lives, health, and safety of all persons employed therein or lawfully frequenting such places. All machinery, equipment, and devices in such places shall be so placed, operated, guarded, and lighted as to provide reasonable and adequate protection to all such persons.”

This law also enforces building codes for construction sites that involve exits, stairwells, sanitation, and more.

Labor Law 200 applies to all employees and visitors to the construction sites. If you suffer an injury related to the violation of Labor Law 200, you might be able to collect monetary damages in a civil lawsuit against your employer.

Labor Law 240 Helps Workers Injured in Scaffolding Accidents

New York Labor Law 240 is often called “scaffolding law.” It imposes several safety requirements on property owners, general contractors, and project managers in relation to the use of scaffolding. There are height, weight, and security requirements. There must be adequate safety protection at all times. A construction worker who falls from scaffolding can seek recourse from the property owner or contractor that violated the provisions of Labor Law 240. For example, a contractor may face liability for failing to train a worker on proper scaffolding use or permitting him not to use protective gear.

New York Labor Law 241

Labor Law 241 addresses construction, demolition, and excavation work and outlines specific provisions for these worksites. For example, it sets guidelines for maintaining the integrity of elevator shafts during construction to reduce the risk of a cave-in. It also establishes precise guidelines for safety precautions and equipment.

Laws Allow Construction Workers to File Lawsuits Against Third-Parties

If you were in a construction accident, and you can’t take advantage of one of New York’s labor laws that protect construction workers, you may have other options. You may have a negligence claim or product liability claim against a party that contributed or caused your accident and injuries. For example, the following parties may owe you compensation:

  • The manufacturer of a piece of equipment that broke and caused your injuries
  • The party responsible for maintaining the safety of the equipment that caused your injuries
  • The property owner who failed to repair the hole in the floor of the site you got hurt on
  • The vendor who sold you defective safety equipment
  • A bystander or adjacent equipment/vehicles that caused your accident

How Our Construction Accident Lawyers Can Help

When you suffer injuries in a construction accident, chances are they are severe. You might not be in any condition to think about how you are going to pay your bills or how long it will take for you to return to your former self. At the Law Office of Irene H. Gabo, P.C., we can focus on your legal recovery while you focus on your health.

We know how to investigate construction accidents and have the resources to gather the evidence you need to present a strong case. We are not afraid to square off against insurance companies or big corporations. Our job is trying to secure the best possible outcome for you, and we will work hard to do just that. Whether you want to settle your case for a reasonable, fair amount or take the matter to trial, you will find the construction lawyers you need at the Law Office of Irene H. Gabo, P.C. located in Brooklyn.

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