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Our Coney Island Injury Lawyers Help Clients Collect Compensation for Injuries

When you hear “Coney Island,” what comes to mind? Do you think about the historic Coney Island Riegelmann Boardwalk? Do you think about the amusement park with its rides like the Cyclone, or the restaurants, and shops? Maybe for you, Coney Island conjures up images of beautiful beaches or a visit to the New York Aquarium.

For millions of people, Coney Island evokes all of the above. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in New York, and visitors come in droves to experience its unique history and fun.

For many others, Coney Island is also their home, neighborhood, and the part of Brooklyn they chose to settle down and perhaps raise their families or retire. What are tourist attractions to some, are part of the ordinary landscape for Coney Island residents.

The combination of residents and visitors makes Coney Island the site of many accidents and injuries. Trip and fall accidents, car accidents, and amusement park accidents are relatively common and result in severe injuries to visitors and residents. Who might be liable for the damages can depend on where the accident occurred and other circumstances.

Our Coney Island accident lawyers at the Law Office of Irene H. Gabo, P.C., represent clients injured in Coney Island. If you suffered injuries on the boardwalk, at the amusement park, or were hurt in a car accident in Coney Island, call us today to find out how we can help you collect compensation.

What Are Some Accidents that Occur in Coney Island, Brooklyn?

Personal injury claims result when someone gets hurt because of someone else’s negligence. Some common types of accidents that occur in Coney Island and result in injuries are:

  • Car crashes on Coney Island streets, including the nearby Belt Parkway
  • Trip and fall accidents on the Coney Island Riegelmann Boardwalk
  • Bus accidents
  • Drowning or near-drowning
  • Coney Island amusement park ride accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents on Coney Island sidewalks
  • Bicycle accidents in Coney Island
  • Accidents on the beach
  • Construction site accidents
  • Slip, trip, and fall accidents in Coney Island apartment buildings
  • Scooter and motorcycle accidents

These are just a few of the types of accidents people have suffered in Coney Island. If you have an accident and suffer injuries, someone else might be responsible and owe you compensation. Call the Law Office of Irene H. Gabo, P.C. to find out how we can help you collect damages for your Coney Island accident.

What Are Some Coney Island Injuries That Might Result in Compensation?

The injuries resulting from accidents in Coney Island vary from minor and easily treatable to severe and possibly fatal. The following are some of the common injuries people sustain in accidents in Coney Island.

  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations
  • Neck injuries
  • Fractures
  • Back injuries
  • Disfigurement
  • Spinal injuries
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Drowning
  • Near drowning
  • Damage to internal organs/internal bleeding
  • Paralysis
  • Amputation
  • Death

The costs associated with these injuries vary as much as the injuries themselves. Treatment expenses can add up quickly, as can other bills you might struggle to pay while you heal. Some of the most severe injuries might require a lifetime of care, therapy, or the use of assistive devices.

The good news is that your accident and injuries might be someone else’s fault. If so, that party might owe you compensation for your injuries. At the Law Office of Irene H. Gabo, P.C., our personal injury lawyers can determine if someone was negligent and caused your Coney Island injuries. Call us today to learn whether you have a case.

Who Might Be Responsible For Injuries in Coney Island?

The types of accidents listed above and the claims that result fall under personal injury law. The various types of cases that fall under personal injury law include premises liability (also called slip and fall or trip and fall), motor vehicle accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, and product liability, to name just a few.

A personal injury claim arises when someone is negligent and causes an accident that results in injuries. Who might be liable for damages that occur in some of the Coney Island accidents mentioned above? Let’s take a look at who might be responsible for paying compensation after someone gets injured in Coney Island:

  • The owner of the amusement park
  • The company that maintains the amusement park rides and equipment
  • The City of New York
  • The Department of Parks and Recreation (which is responsible for the boardwalk)
  • A business owner
  • The owner or landlord of a building
  • An inspector
  • A contractor
  • A vendor
  • A motor vehicle driver
  • An employer of a driver or other worker
  • A construction business
  • A supplier
  • A manufacturer of parts, materials, and products

Depending on your situation, one or more of the above parties might be responsible for causing your injuries and owing you compensation.

What is the Statute of Limitations on My Claim

In New York, the statute of limitations on filing a claim is typically 3 years from when the injury is sustained. However, if a municipality or government agency is to be named as a defendant, either being fully or partially liable for your injuries, you have just 90 days to file a notice of claim.

It is imperative that you contact our office as soon as possible, or you could lose your right to compensation.

What Type of Compensation Can You Collect For Your Injuries in a Coney Island Accident?

Whether you sustain your injuries in a car accident in Coney Island or by tripping and falling on the boardwalk, the amount of compensation you can collect can vary depending on several factors.

You might be able to collect damages that include the cost of:

  • Doctor visits
  • Surgery
  • Hospital stays
  • Medication
  • Assistive devices
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Emotional support
  • Lost wages
  • Lost future income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage

How Can You Prove Someone Was Negligent and that Negligence Caused Your Injuries?

This is where it is crucial to have experienced Coney Island accident lawyers like the ones at the Law Office of Irene H. Gabo, P.C. We know how to prove negligence. To prove negligence, there must be:

  • A legal duty
  • A breach of a duty
  • Actual injuries
  • The breach of duty must be the cause of the injuries

What does this mean? Different people owe duties to the people around them.
For example,

  • Drivers owe a duty to drive in a way that is reasonably safe for them and others on the road.
  • Business owners have to ensure the reasonable safety of their premises.
  • Landlords must keep their property safe for tenants and anticipated guests.
  • Manufacturers have a duty to ensure their products are reasonably safe for expected use.
  • Employers have a duty to train and supervise their employees to ensure they safely conduct themselves.

When a party with a duty does not act in a way that satisfies their legal obligation, it might be negligent. According to the standards set by law, the failure to do something that should have been done, or doing something that should not have been done, equals negligent behavior. When the negligence results in injuries, legal liability can result, and the victim might be entitled to significant compensation.

How Can Negligence Cause Coney Island Accidents and Injuries?

The easiest way to understand this is to look at some scenarios where negligence might result in injuries in Coney Island:

A business owner did not clear the sidewalk of ice and snow as required by law and did not warn anyone to avoid the area. A passerby walking carefully slipped and fell, breaking her arm. The business owner might have been negligent.

A child fell off an amusement park ride, hitting her head and suffering a TBI. She was below the height requirement for the ride, but the attendant let her on anyway. The employer of the attendant might be negligent for not training the employee properly. If the ride broke, the manufacturer of the ride might also be negligent.

A car in the Belt Parkway crashed into another vehicle, causing severe injuries. If the driver was texting when the accident occurred, speeding, or under the influence of alcohol, they might owe the victims compensation. If the driver tried to stop in time to prevent the accident, but the brakes failed, the maker of the brakes or the car might be liable for negligence. If the driver was operating his vehicle as part of his job, the employer might be responsible for the accident and injuries.

These are just a few examples of how negligence can cause accidents and injuries. Personal injury cases can be complex, and determining who is liable is not always easy. This is one more reason to call our experienced Coney Island injury lawyers.

Call The Law Office of Irene H. Gabo if You Are Injured in Coney Island

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Let us handle the hard work while you focus on recovering from your injuries. Call our Coney Island injury lawyers at 800-560-0214 to set up a free case evaluation. Time might be of the essence, so don’t wait. Call today.

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