Brooklyn Has a Thriving and Eclectic Music Scene

Music plays a significant role in the lives of people living in and around Brooklyn. Whether you enjoy catching a pop concert at Barclays Center, seeking out up-and-coming singer-songwriters, hanging in a record store, or attending an EDM dance party, Brooklyn has something for you.

Like most places, Brooklyn has several neighborhoods that each boast unique vibes and cultures. This translates into a wide variety of options if music is something you enjoy. Let’s take a closer look at the different music scenes you can find in Brooklyn.

Live Outdoor Music in Brooklyn

The pandemic, of course, has changed the scene somewhat. For now, many venues are limited in their abilities to host crowds and performers. There are still plenty of options for music lovers, starting with some neighborhoods that have live outdoor musicians entertaining customers and passersby. What can you find?

  • Live Caribbean music in Bushwick
  • Live musical performances in Williamsburg
  • Crown Heights has a music bar that has different live performers outside nightly
  • Park Slope has a few spots will live sidewalk music almost every night of the week

During warmer months, you can catch a concert in Prospect Park and hear a wide variety of music, including jazz, classical, rock and pop. Gowanus has an outdoor 4,000 square foot venue that will be hosting socially distant concerts music shows this summer. There is even something called the Tiny Crowds Concert Series in Bushwick, which will feature outdoor performances for up to 50 people.

Experimental Music in Bushwick

Bushwick, in particular, is a Brooklyn neighborhood that’s home to many eclectic artists and musicians. There have long been experimental music shows in Bushwick. It will be interesting to see what these artists create and produce after being home, not performing during the pandemic. Maybe some brand new and exciting music styles will emerge.

Clubs, Bars, and Other Venues Feature Unique Artists

There are still, of course, iconic nightlife venues scattered across Brooklyn that will continue to showcase creative, dark, off-beat, international, EDM, rap, alt, punk musicians who draw crowds from all over New York to see them perform live.

As bars and clubs re-open and increase capacity in Brooklyn, there will be no shortage of places to go to hear new music. In Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Red Hook, Bed-Stuy, and Bushwick, you can find music to satisfy even the pickiest listener. You can hear everything from R & B, Reggae, African, and Gospel, to Classic Rock, Funk, and Country in their various bars, restaurants, and supper clubs.

Record Stores in Brooklyn Offer Listening Experiences and More

Let’s not forget the record stores. Brooklynites love their vinyl and can find dozens of record stores in their borough. Some specialize in specific genres of music, while others know no musical boundaries. Many Brooklyn record stores allow you to listen while you visit and enjoy the sound and feel of their new, used, foreign and domestic records. Records stores in Brooklyn often have more than just records. You can also find vintage clothing, cassette tapes, and cool music merchandise at some of these stores. And at least one Brooklyn record store has created its own record label.

Hear Music at Brooklyn’s Largest Concert Venue

We don’t want to ignore the largest music venue in Brooklyn – Barclays Center. Here, you can see some of the most famous musicians and bands perform with the energy and excitement you can only find in a big arena or stadium. Little else compares to listening to your favorite band in an arena full of devoted and enthusiastic music fans.

Music Lovers Can Find it All In Brooklyn

Music fans need only worry about the overwhelming number of choices they have when it comes to the music scene in Brooklyn. Brooklyn is a perfect place to find exactly what you like or open your ears to something new. You can’t go wrong by checking out the variety of musical talent in Brooklyn.

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