Brooklyn Schools – Diverse Options for Diverse Needs

Wherever you look in Brooklyn, you will find signs that education is a priority. One sign is the number of young families flocking to many Brooklyn neighborhoods. Brooklyn, which is in Kings County, has many excellent public schools that are part of the NYC system as well as prominent private schools. There is also an ample selection of higher learning institutions offering students various opportunities to continue their education and training.

Public Schools and Public Charter Schools In Brooklyn

There are 12 public school districts in Brooklyn. They are New York City School Districts #13-23 and New York City School District #32. The school in the zone in which you live is usually the school your children will attend. Brooklyn has more than 550 public schools and an enrollment of nearly 325,000 students.

Of these public schools in Brooklyn, you will also find more than 90 charter schools. Charter Schools are publicly funded but privately operated. Charter schools offer more high-quality options for students and have a wide range of models that can satisfy the diverse needs of the Brooklyn population. Charter schools tend to have fewer students and various educational missions, teaching styles, hours of operation, and curriculums. These are public schools but take applications from interested families.

Because of their popularity, when there are more applications than seats, charter schools often resort to a lottery system to select students. Charter schools are allowed by law to give preference to certain students under a variety of circumstances. About 10% of all New York city children attend charter schools.

There are also specialized public high schools in Brooklyn, such as the Brooklyn Latin School in Bushwick/Williamsburg and Brooklyn Technical High School in Fort Greene. The Brooklyn Latin School emphasizes humanities and classics in its curriculum, whereas Brooklyn Tech’s focus is on STEM topics.

Many Families in Brooklyn Choose Private School

There are at least 390 private schools in Brooklyn that have a total of approximately 115,000 students. Nearly 75 percent of these are religiously affiliated, mostly either Jewish schools or Catholic schools. Annual tuition for Brooklyn’s private schools ranges from about $17,000 for elementary schools and $25,000 for high schools. In all of New York City, about 18% of students attend private schools.

Of the non-religiously affiliated private schools in Brooklyn, each has a unique spin on education.

Together they offer families a wide variety of interesting, unique opportunities and approaches to learning.

There is Plenty of Opportunity For Higher Education in Brooklyn

There are dozens of higher learning institutions located in Brooklyn. You can find colleges, universities, and graduate programs educating thousands of students. There are four City of New York (CUNY) schools in Brooklyn, including Kingsborough Community College, which alone enrolls more than 15,000 students.

You can also find the Polytechnic Institute of New York University, Brooklyn College, the Pratt Institute, and Brooklyn Law School. SUNY Downstate Medical Center also has a program in Brooklyn. There are several seminaries and rabbinical schools in Brooklyn as well.

Brooklyn Has an Abundance of Educational Choices

With the incredibly diverse population of people living, working, and going to school in Brooklyn, it is a city that offers a remarkable array of opportunities. Whether you are looking for the right school for your children or seeking your own path of higher learning, you will surely find something to satisfy your needs in Brooklyn.

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