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Visit the Center for Brooklyn History

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The History of the Center for Brooklyn History

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The Center for Brooklyn History (CBH) opened its doors in 2006 after being established by the Brooklyn Historical Society with generous support from other organizations. The purpose of CBH was to serve as an educational resource center that promotes an understanding of local, regional, and national history through research and programming initiatives.

Types of Resources at The Center

The CBH has many resources available to visitors to help them learn about Brooklyn’s fascinating past. These resources include a library and archives containing books, manuscripts, photographs, artifacts, maps, and more relating to Brooklyn’s history.

There are collections of photographs, manuscripts, and artifacts related to individuals or events in Brooklyn’s past that are accessible to visitors onsite or online through their digital archives.

Visitors can also explore exhibitions featuring rotating events such as lectures, workshops, and symposiums. These events focus on various aspects of history that pertain to local communities or broader historical topics, such as immigration or civil rights.

Key Features Of The Center For Brooklyn History

One key feature of CBH is its library and archives, which contain primary source materials related to any topic concerning the borough’s rich past. Those materials include photos from iconic sites like Coney Island and important moments such as natural disasters or political campaigns.

There are also manuscripts from authors who wrote about their experiences in the area as well as artifacts from everyday life. They help provide valuable insight into how people lived during various periods in Brooklyn.

Visitors can access these materials by visiting CBH directly or using their digital archive online. The online archive enables users worldwide to search through documents remotely.

In addition to these physical resources available at CBH, visitors can also attend public events such as lectures focusing on different themes related to local history or exhibitions featuring ancient artifacts related to particular eras like colonial times or civil war times.

Impact On The Community

CBH offers access to primary source materials documenting different aspects of life throughout Brooklyn’s history. It hosts educational programs open to all ages. CBH truly makes an invaluable contribution to preserving our local heritage.

Beyond just helping keep alive stories about some of America’s most important historical figures, institutions, neighborhoods, etc. CBH helps promote knowledge about Brooklyn cultures and communities. This allows older generations to pass down stories, allowing younger generations to stay connected with their roots.

Visit the Center for Brooklyn History

Want to explore the rich history that makes Brooklyn special? Visit the Center for Brooklyn History today!

You can access incredible resources from books, photographs, manuscripts, artifacts, etc. You can also attend exciting exhibits & lectures which teach you even more about this fantastic borough!

Whether you’re a native New Yorker looking for nostalgic reminders, or someone who wants to know more about this beautiful part of our country, the Center is for you.

Be sure to visit and discover why it is truly a one-of-a-kind place worth exploring!