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Street Art in Bushwick

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Street Art in Bushwick

Bushwick is renowned for its vibrant street art scene, known as the best in New York City. This Brooklyn neighborhood, next to the popular Williamsburg and diverse Bedford-Stuyvesant, is a canvas for some of the most incredible graffiti and murals. At the heart of Bushwick’s street art movement is the Bushwick Collective. The Bushwick Collective is most famously celebrated during the annual Bushwick Collective Block Party, which marks the unofficial start of summer. This event attracts top street artists from around the world who gather to create new murals, transforming the neighborhood into a dynamic outdoor gallery.

However, the allure of the Bushwick Collective extends beyond this event. Year-round, the neighborhood is adorned with significant murals that remain untouched between festivals, while new artworks continuously emerge. These pieces often reflect the pain, struggles, and lifestyles of the local residents, adding a deeply personal and expressive element to the art. Exploring Bushwick offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of street art, where creativity and community intersect to create a cultural and eye-opening experience.

Biggie Smalls by Danielle Masitron

Since its creation in 2012, the Biggie Smalls mural by Danielle Mastrion has held a special place on Troutman Ave within the Bushwick Collective. Mastrion, a native of Brooklyn with a background in classical oil painting, has adorned each borough of New York City and numerous locations worldwide with her murals. In honor of the mural’s 10-year anniversary, Mastrion recently revitalized the iconic Biggie Smalls piece. Its allure remains undiminished, drawing admirers from distant places and securing its status as one of the most recognizable and photographed works of street art in North America.

Big Ears by Sipro Naberezny

Sipros Naberezny, renowned for his distinctive Big Ears murals, has been a fixture at the Bushwick Collective for a long time. His latest work, completed in 2022, showcases exaggerated, big-eared portraits of notable figures including street artist Cristhian Saravia, DJ Hadiex, and his wife, Flavia Ramos, who serves as his inspiration. Throughout the years, Naberezny’s pieces have consistently injected a playful and whimsical vibe into the neighborhood. From a mischievous Salvador Dali to a child captured in an arcade claw machine surrounded by a sea of glazed doughnuts, each mural adds its own unique touch to the area’s vibrant street art scene.

Portrait of a Girl by Christina Angelina

One of the early favorites at the Bushwick Collective is Christina Angelina’s portrait of a girl. Originally painted in 2016, its enduring presence continues to delight the community. The Los Angeles-based artist has crafted numerous captivating portraits throughout her career, garnering admiration from early fans such as Ben Moody from Evanescence and attracting partnerships with corporate giants like Uber and Porsche. Angelina describes her characters as reflections of different facets of herself. While not as grand in scale as some of the other murals at Bushwick Collective or her global street art pieces, the girl on Artichoke Basile’s wall captivates with its simplicity.

Huddled Girl by Dasic Fernandez

Chilean artist Dasic Fernandez was first discovered through his distinctive rainbow-colored reverse drip style, and he quickly became a fan favorite. Over the years, his team created stunning murals at various festivals. However, during his return to the Bushwick Collective Block Party in 2023, Fernandez chose to work solo. It took him five days to complete his latest mural. The Huddled Girl mural occupies the first-floor level on Starr Street, unassuming and easily overlooked. Yet, discovering it feels particularly rewarding, adding to its allure.

Angel Snake of Brooklyn by B Line Dot

Since 1995, Seattle’s Caffe Vita has been renowned for roasting specialty coffee. When they expanded into the New York City coffee scene and created a coffee shop in Bushwick. In Bushwick, their second and larger location serves not only as a cafe but also as a roastery.In 2020, Caffe Vita collaborated with Seattle-based artist B Line Dot to adorn the shop’s exterior, resulting in the striking Angel Snake mural. This massive artwork has become a compelling reason for tourists to visit Caffe Vita.

Las Rosas by Robert Vargas

Renowned for his larger-than-life portraits adorning Los Angeles, Robert Vargas returned to Bushwick for the 10th anniversary of the Bushwick Collective Block Party in 2021. A graduate of Pratt Institute, Vargas is celebrated for immortalizing local icons like Kobe Bryant and Eddie van Halen. Inspired by the Latino community’s dedication, whom he described as “the first to arrive to work and the last to leave”, Vargas crafted a beautiful street art piece. Situated at the corner of Wyckoff Avenue and Troutman Street, the large mural required over 30 hours of meticulous work across three days, dealing with challenges including a rainstorm and 90-degree heat. In 2024, Vargas reclaimed the spot with a new masterpiece titled “Las Rosas,” continuing to enrich Bushwick with his stunning artistic vision.

Bushwick Breeze by Tymon de Laat

Known for his impactful portraits similar to the style of Eduardo Kobra, Tymon de Laat emerged from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, refining his artistic approach during travels throughout Central and South America, where he developed a deep admiration for its people. In 2023, the Cultural Department of the NYC Consulate-General of the Netherlands collaborated with the Bushwick Collective to bring de Laat to the annual Bushwick Collective Block Party, marking his first visit to New York City. True to his practice, de Laat based his mural on a photograph he captured himself. The subject, Kharlox Piñeda, resides in Bonaire, a small Caribbean Island. De Laat first encountered Piñeda during his travels and also depicted a portrait of Piñeda’s daughter.

Mom and Baby by Corey Pane

Based in Connecticut, Corey Pane is an artist whose work often reflects his deep passions for music and sports. While he is no stranger to the Bushwick Collective, his new mural in 2024 captured the hearts of many locals as a recent standout. Not only is it visually striking, but it also carries a deeply personal and touching theme. Pane, who recently became a father, depicted his wife alongside their newborn daughter on the mural. This composition contains a blend of familial love and natural beauty, making it a memorable addition to the Bushwick street art scene.

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Overall, the street art murals in Bushwick are not only visually stunning but also enrich the community with their heartfelt themes and vibrant colors. They draw tourists while also providing enjoyment for local residents. These artworks are created by artists from diverse backgrounds around the world, each bringing their unique ideas and perspectives. Yet, in Bushwick, these diverse expressions come together adding to the neighborhood’s cultural appreciation.