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Restaurants in Midwood

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Top Restaurants in Midwood

Midwood is a vibrant neighborhood located in the south-central part of Brooklyn. Known for its diverse population, Midwood offers a blend of cultures, each contributing to the area’s culinary scene. With a significant Jewish community, you can find a variety of fantastic kosher eateries. The neighborhood boasts a bustling ambiance and an array of stores catering to every need. During the summer, enjoy the pleasant parks perfect for outdoor activities. Midwood is a wonderful place to experience, especially through its diverse and delicious food offerings. From steakhouses to high-end Asian cuisine, you can find it all in Midwood, NY. Here are the top restaurants in Midwood.

Bordeaux Wine and Steak House

Bordeaux Steakhouse is a premier kosher dining establishment in Midwood, offering an upscale experience with a modern twist on traditional steakhouse fare. The ambiance is both opulent and comfortable, making it an ideal setting for any occasion. The restaurant features spacious tables, ensuring privacy for guests. With attentive staff, fast service, and valet parking, Bordeaux Steakhouse excels in providing true hospitality.

This restaurant is perfect for private events and caters to a diverse crowd. If you appreciate well-cooked meat, Bordeaux Steakhouse is the place to be. Reviews often praise it as having the best steak they’ve ever had, perfectly cooked with fantastic in-house sauces. Known for their dry-aged beef, they also offer an impressive selection of sushi, featuring premium, fresh, and high-quality raw fish. Although their prices are on the higher side, the quality and experience are well worth it. With intriguing starters and fantastic entrees, Bordeaux Steakhouse is an excellent choice for an upscale or fancy event. The beautiful interior decor further enhances the dining experience, making every visit memorable.

1922 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11230

Em Vietnamese Kitchen

Em Vietnamese Kitchen is an authentic Vietnamese restaurant in South Brooklyn, offering homemade family recipes. The chef, originally from a small farming town in Vietnam, grew up in a family that ran a bustling catering business. After losing their farmland, the chef moved to Saigon and took various jobs with the dream of opening a restaurant that would serve classic dishes from her hometown. Em Vietnamese Kitchen, a cozy 20-seat eatery, serves comfort food inspired by the chef’s 10 years in Saigon. The restaurant has earned rave reviews for its exceptional waitstaff, who are noted for being pleasant and helpful. Patrons also love the charming seating area at the back of the restaurant, which creates a comfortable and cozy ambiance.

Though the restaurant is not fancy, it offers quick service and a delightful dining experience. The sushi is great, with generous portions and adorably presented dishes. The lovely outdoor patio is perfect for summer weather, and the decor enhances the chill and intimate vibe. Reviewers particularly recommend the bento boxes for a satisfying meal.

1702 86th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11214

King Solomon Palace Restaurant

King Solomon is a renowned kosher restaurant that prides itself on quality food and excellent service. Despite catering to over 250 diners, the restaurant maintains a fresh and inviting atmosphere. They offer a diverse selection of traditional kosher dishes, suitable for everything from an intimate lunch for two to a corporate event for up to 80 people.

The restaurant features an extended function room, perfect for hosting large events, making it an ideal venue for both small gatherings and grand weddings. King Solomon’s menu includes highly recommended ribs, steak, and soups, along with a notable selection of Russian cuisine, featuring typical Sephardic Russian fare. Reviews consistently praise the restaurant for its delicious food and outstanding service, highlighting it as a top choice for various occasions.

1787 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY,11230

Pescada New York

Pescada New York is a standout kosher restaurant in Midwood, celebrated for its handcrafted pasta and fresh, high-quality, hand-picked ingredients. Specializing in dairy dishes, the restaurant offers a delightful array of pasta and fish options, with frequent use of mushrooms. One of the most praised dishes is the mushroom-crusted salmon, which many reviews consider a must-try. As a gourmet kosher restaurant, Pescada New York also offers an impressive selection of desserts. The service is friendly and helpful, adding to the overall positive dining experience. The restaurant features a private room available for rent, making it suitable for parties and gatherings of any size.

The establishment is vegetarian and boasts high-level decor, making it an excellent location for dining. The food is presented in a glamorous manner, and the desserts, in particular, receive high praise for being incredible. Overall, Pescada New York is a great place to enjoy a refined kosher meal in Midwood.

1776 Ocean Ave Off Ave M, Brooklyn, NY 11230

Di Fara Pizzeria

Di Fara Pizza is an authentic pizzeria, founded in 1965 by Domenico, who emigrated from the Province of Caserta in Italy. Known as one of the best pizzerias in NYC, Di Fara is renowned for its handcrafted pies made by Domenico himself, using family recipes and authentic Italian cuisine passed down through generations. Now run by his seven children, the pizzeria maintains its tradition of using high-quality ingredients imported from Italy, creating a taste that inauthentic places can’t replicate. The pizza, made in a retro, piping hot oven, is a fast and affordable option with two locations: one in Midwood and another on South Street. Di Fara is famous for its special pies with unique ingredients, with the white pie receiving particular acclaim. Critics have named it the best pizza in New York, highlighting its extreme crispiness and sublime house-made sauces.

The thin, crispy slices are often described as the most original Sicilian pizza, with a unique taste enhanced by olive oil ladled onto the pie. The staff at Di Fara are welcoming, and the restaurant offers both catering services and a cozy sit-down experience for up to five people. While the decor is humble and typical of a classic pizzeria, the food is exceptional, making it a hidden gem. Overall, Di Fara Pizza is a must-visit for anyone seeking an authentic and unforgettable pizza experience in New York City.

1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn, NY

Purple Yam

Purple Yam is a unique dining experience in Midwood, offering authentic Filipino dishes crafted by a head chef from the Philippines. The menu is flavorful, unique, and comforting, featuring high-quality yet affordable food. The restaurant boasts crafty decorations and distinctive Filipino decor, enhancing its hearty atmosphere and pleasant ambiance. The owners are deeply involved in the restaurant’s success, often mingling with customers to ensure a memorable dining experience. Purple Yam features a charming back patio area and an air-conditioned indoor dining space, making it a comfortable spot year-round.

Reviews rave about the pork buns and halo-halo, highlighting these as must-try items. The restaurant offers great vegan options, but the meat dishes are also divine. Diners are encouraged to save room for dessert, as the menu includes unique combinations of mango and other fruits. The guava sorbet and mango tart receive particular praise, alongside their homemade ice creams and sorbets. Freshly made dumplings are served daily, adding to the appeal. Family-friendly and efficient, Purple Yam provides quick service and personal, fantastic customer care, making it a delightful spot for a unique and satisfying Filipino meal.

1314 Cortelyou Rd., New York,

Be Sure to Enjoy These Restaurants in Midwood

From Asian cuisine to Middle Eastern cuisine, Midwood offers a culinary experience that spans every continent. This neighborhood is truly a melting pot of cultures and the epitome of NYC diversity. With a wide array of kosher options, as well as excellent vegan and vegetarian choices, Midwood is an exceptional place to visit and enjoy a diverse range of delicious foods.