Ubers and Bruises: Navigating the Road of Personal Injury Claims

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In the bustling streets of Brooklyn, New York, Uber has quickly emerged as a preferred mode of transportation. While it provides convenience and accessibility to residents and visitors alike, it is also a large source of injuries to people involved in car accidents with Uber vehicles.

Cause of Injuries in Uber Accidents

With many individuals in Brooklyn turning to Uber as a secondary or supplementary source of income, an unanticipated side effect of juggling multiple jobs and working long hours is driver fatigue and a lack of focus. This combination can increase the likelihood of Uber car accidents in Brooklyn.

Uber accidents in Brooklyn encompass a wide range of incidents, including collisions, injuries, and property damage. These accidents can involve Uber drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and other motorists. These drivers need to exercise the same duty of care as all other drivers on the road, and when they fail to do so, the results can be tragic.

Understanding the legal intricacies that come with this arrangement can be overwhelming. With the help of a personal injury attorney Irene H. Gabo Esq., at the Law Office of Irene H. Gabo, P.C., individuals can receive the legal advice they need, and have a complete understanding of their rights with respect to an Uber accident.

Understanding Uber Car Accidents in Brooklyn

Uber accidents are similar to other car accidents, in that you need to prove the other driver was at least partially responsible for your injuries or damages. With all accidents, liability occurs only when the other party is at least partly at fault.

As a general guideline, keep the following in mind:

Reporting and Preserving Evidence: If you find yourself involved in an Uber accident in Brooklyn, it is crucial to promptly report the incident through the app and follow the provided prompts. This starts with the critical document collection process. Uber vehicles should be equipped with dash cams and video cameras. These capture vital evidence that can play a pivotal role in determining fault and liability. As part of your case, we will demand they provide a copy of this evidence.

Under the guidance of Irene H. Gabo, Esq., you can ensure the effective utilization of this evidence within Brooklyn’s legal framework. Our firm boasts a deep understanding of Brooklyn law and has achieved incredible outcomes for clients in similar cases, as demonstrated by her impeccable record at gabolaw.com.

Gather Additional Information: As a passenger in an Uber car accident in Brooklyn, Irene Gabo encourages victims to take certain proactive steps. These include:

  • gathering relevant insurance information from all parties involved before exiting the vehicle
  • capturing photographs of the Uber accident scene,
  • photographing visible damages, and
  • immediately reporting the accident.

By collecting this important information, you can help ensure a smoother resolution to your case. In the unfortunate event where injuries are sustained, you should contact and notify the police and secure a police report. The police can make a record of what they observe. Note that they will not determine fault or indicate who is liable. Their role is to gather and record information at the scene of the accident.

Best Course of Action in the Event of an Uber Car Accident

It is important to collect as much determining evidence as possible following an Uber accident. The Law Office of Irene H. Gabo, P.C. will use this evidence to help substantiate and strengthen your claim.
With her extensive experience and proficiency in personal injury litigation, Ms. Gabo is well positioned to assist those involved in Uber accidents within Brooklyn. She can provide comprehensive guidance tailored to your specific case. We will meticulously investigate the Uber accident, gather critical evidence, and provide strong legal representation for our clients.

Seeking Legal Counsel After an Uber Accident in Brooklyn

Unraveling the complex web of legalities following an Uber car accident in Brooklyn can be a daunting and overwhelming task. There’s no reason to pursue it alone. Personal injury attorney Irene H. Gabo, Esq., is here to deliver personalized advice and unwavering support necessary for help you achieve a positive resolution. Call (800) 560-0214 or complete the form on our website to take the first step in receiving the compensation you deserve.

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