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Irene Gabo on the Morning Show at Rusa Radio – April 15, 2020

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  1. I have to sign something before a notary but how can anything be notarized now, I am too afraid to even go outside?

The recent order from a governor allows notary to witness the signature of the document by a customer on a video, like zoom or google duo or even facetime. The customer shows an ID to a notary and notary witnesses the customer sign the document. Thereafter, the client mails the document to a notary and notary put his stamp and signature on the document. We have been doing it for many clients in my office. Whatever documents need to be signed, I email or mail to my clients, and then we schedule zoom meetings.

  1. My attorney said that I will have to prove that I am seriously injured, but how can I do that if I haven’t been to the doctor in a month due to corona?

There are medical offices that are still open, but I know a lot of clients are afraid to go there now. The insurance companies understand that and many will allow clients additional time to treat after corona restrictions are eased. Proving serious injury will not be an issue if the client a) resumes the treatment after restrictions are eased and b) if the client can prove that they have been doing some time of physical therapy and exercise at home. Many of my clients document such home exercise on a video. The medical offices who treat my clients showed them what they can do at home on their own and my clients do that 2-3 times per week and someone records them. I will then sent those videos to the insurance company, as proof that they did do the exercises.

  1. Are any of doctors you work with accepting new patients and how are they seeing them during corona?

Doctor’s offices tend to be open but they adjusted how the see clients. For example, one office has the next patient wait outside and calls them when the patient in front of them comes out of the office and the exam room is sanitized. There are also doctors who do zoom video calls, especially psychologists. Finally, there is virtual PT that some offices do that allow the therapist to walk a client through a series of exercises on zoom.


  1. Why should I pay for car insurance if I am not driving a car? Any advice on discounts we can receive? Would they cancel if I don’t pay them this month?

Most insurance companies have suspended cancellations of insurance policies for non payment, at least through April. You should always call your carrier to make sure, though. Otherwise, like Allstate will offer discounts, I believe 15% off your monthly premium if you paid for April and May because they realize people don’t drive as much.


  1. How do I get my lost wages paid if no one seems to be working?

When one applies for lost wages, the insurance company requires two things: a disability note from a doctor, and a letter from your employer, called form NF6, which verifies your time out of work, your salary. Once those two are sent to the employer, it is up to insurance company to pay timely. Most pay within 30 days of receiving the documents, and now companies, like Allstate can even direct deposit the check into your bank account. However, there are companies, like American Transit, that right now have fallen off a map, they don’t respond to phone calls, emails, mail, threats.

  1. I called my attorney and he said nothing is going on with my case now and won’t be for a while. Is that the same everywhere with law offices?

Right now, my office is working remotely. Whatever I need from clients, I can get via email, fax or email. We do zoom meetings, phone calls, texts. However, for all non emergencies, such as a personal injury case, courts are closed. They are not scheduling any conference, allowing any filing of documents, or any efiling, so in that sense, the cases in court are being postponed. Many defense firms have laid off staff and are working remotely. So we still work on your case, but nothing is heard in the Court now.